President’s Blog

Hi there! How lovely of you to stop by! This is my first entry as president of the Blue Belles and I really couldn’t be more excited about working with our committee and members to make the Blue Belles the best we can be.
Let me tell you about the fab group of women that are part of the committee this year:
Jo will be our Vice President this year. She will deputise for me whenever needed, but she’s much more than just a ‘stand-in’ for when I’m not around! Jo has also taken on the responsibility for keeping all member details up to date, and she is on a mission to make sure everyone feels welcome and part of the group. She is FULL of ideas to make that happen!
Alice will be our Secretary this year. Besides taking care of all the official duties for us, and being first point of contact for the Cambridgeshire and National Federations. Alice will take on all that relates to meetings, making sure that they run smoothly, our speakers feel welcomed and have everything they need, and that in general all events we organise are properly delivered.
Kara remains our treasurer; we didn’t force her to stay in the post, she volunteered! We are so lucky she wanted to do it for another year, she has done such a great job of keeping our accounts in order and our budget on track! She also processes all payments for memberships, and if you’re ever unsure of anything related to our funds she can answer just questions. She’s also a mean baker and her chocolate cake has won awards, so do talk to her about things other than money!
Laura P2 will be our new lead for events and engagement with the outside world. Having spent the last 12 months as president, she is well known in the Cambridge WI circles and will be a great ambassador of our group at collective events organised with Ladybirds, CamCity, Castle, and Mill Rd. Any outings, festivals, markets, etc. that the Belles take one will benefit from having Laura as a central point of contact and coordinator.
Jane is generously splitting her time between us and her other WIs – she is currently serving as secretary for Castle WI, which keeps her quite busy, so her time at Blue Belles will be to help us all run our different sections in the best way possible. As right hand to all of us, Jane is a good person to approach if you have ideas and suggestions, since she’ll be working closely with everyone in the committee.
Last, but definitely not least, Katie has taken on our PR & Comms – Twitter, Facebook, any media requests we get, the blog, our email and newsletter… lots and lots to do here! Katie’s work will be in everything we do, and if you ever have any news or information you want to share with the rest of the group you can get in touch with her.
We can all be reached via our general email, which you can also use to send us feedback or suggestions, ask questions, etc.  If you have something to say but would rather do it anonymously, we have a 100% anonymous suggestion box.

This is getting a bit too long, so let me finish by saying that Blue Belles means the world to me, and I want to make sure that the fun and friendly vibe of the group is maintained. I am lucky to have a great committee, and I hope that all Belles will get involved in meetings and events in one way or another. Remember: the WI is what you make of it!