January 12th 2022

We were joined in January by Julie Davies, who is a well-being coach experienced in helping people to enjoy being active, especially in nature. Julie teaches yoga, indoors and outdoors, offering classes in Milton and surrounding villages. Her aim is to encourage a sense of fitness for life and enjoyment of nature with a non-competitive approach. She has been a lover of nature and movement since she was very young and this love has been the backdrop to her professional life.

February 9th 2022

Our first meeting in our new home at the St. Barnabas Centre, Mill Road! Our speaker this month was fellow Belle, Mel Phadre, who spoke to us about the Climate Crisis and what we can do to help change our future and that of the planet.

March 9th 2022

Our March meeting was devoted to the subject of ovarian cancer and we were delighted by the number of members and visitors who attended. We were so fortunate to be joined by Professors James D. Benton and Paul Pharoah and learnt so much from them, including where exactly in the body ovarian cancer forms, what the symptoms are and how it can be difficult to diagnose. We were given an insight into the epidemiology of this cancer and how researchers are trying to promote personalised treatments for the women affected. We were also very moved and, at the same time, inspired, to hear the personal story of one of the survivors. 
We hope that those of you who attended in person or on Zoom enjoyed the meeting and that you will share the things you learned with your friends, family and colleagues to help us spread knowledge of the signs and symptoms of this cancer.  

April 13th 2022

Our April meeting was a chance to look back on the year as well as to vote in the new committee. Yvonne is – thankfully – staying on as President and Emma Connolly, Jenny Kavanagh and Emily Peirce are also staying on the committee. Jan Chadwick and Sue Collins have stepped down and we would like to thank them for their contributions these past two years. Kaitlin Bradley has also stepped down, but will still be helping us in the short term to find speakers and activities for our programme. We got through Belles’ business as quickly as possible so that we could enjoy the quiz that Emma Connolly had put together.

May 11th 2022

Join us for an evening in the Spirit of Gin, where we will be going through the history of gin in society, the methods of making gin and the ingredients used. We will be sharing serves and tasting – alongside non-alcoholic options – and pairing with our themed cakes and bakes!