Joining & Visiting


We love having visitors at our meetings! Most people visit one or two meetings before joining, you’d be very welcome to do that. Have a look at the Current Programme to find out when our next meeting is. We ask for a £5 donation at the door when you visit; please let us know you’re coming so we can make sure there’s enough cake for everyone.

Please note that our meetings are open to female visitors over 18 years old only. This includes everyone whose gender identity is female, and regardless of sexual preference or orientation.


Our membership is currently OPEN, we have a handful of spaces available on a first come, first serve basis. Places usually become available during the year; we renew our membership during January of each year, with current members being allowed to renew (or not) their membership first. We encourage you to check with one of the other WIs in the city, or the Cambridge Federation, to find other groups to join or visit. We are part of the Cambridge WI Collective (CamCo) and all groups in the collective tend to do things together and share social groups.

When we have spaces, joining is very simple: all you need to do is fill in our membership form and pay the fee. There is no selection process, all applications are accepted as long as they come from women (cis or trans) over 18 years old.

Membership to the Blue Belles entitles you to 11 meetings (January – December). The fee for 2019 is £42. However, new members can sometimes join later in the year, in which case you pay a pro-rata fee as follows:

Date of joining 2019 Total subscription due 2019
1 January – 31 March £42
1 April – 30 June £31.50
1 July – 30 September £21
1 October –  31 December £10.50

You can pay in cash at the meeting; if you prefer to pay by cheque or bank transfer please get in touch so we can give you the details.