Plants, pots and tea!

We had a fantastic meeting on Wednesday thanks to the very lovely Michael and Jill Agg from Choice Landscapes nursery in Wisbech. Michael and Jill kindly came to speak to us at short notice, providing lots of tips and advice on creating beautiful planters for gardens, balconies and window sills.

Michael shared the pearls of his wisdom about which types of compost to use, the best situation in which to place certain plants and the importance of watering throughout the spring and summer months. We were fascinated to learn the benefits of mixing gravel with compost to let air circulate, the use of water-retaining granules for providing moisture and slow release plant food granules for feeding.

Michael demonstrating his planting skills

While Michael demonstrated the best way to plant a planter, he answered a number of questions and provided useful insights such as the benefits of mixing a variety of plants in one container for flowering throughout the season, how to prevent your plants getting windburn (who knew?!) and misting Christmas trees – but before you put the lights on!

The finished planter

At the end of the evening we were also lucky to have a choice of pretty plants to buy, including three different types of allium, miniature conifers and our favourite – the Bouncing Betty!

Having learnt so much we rounded-up it all up with tea and cake and the chance to socialise with our lovely Belles. What fun to be in the WI! Until next time…

Many thanks to Michael for his fantastic talk

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