Belle’s Book Club – it’s a classic!

by Emily Peirce

Thursday saw the latest book club hosted this time by Alice H. We kicked off with cake and tea which is becoming customary, then after a catch-up and in-depth discussion on tea preferences, attention turned to the books. 

We had set ourselves a challenge this week each choosing a ‘classic’ book to read, despite best efforts only one of us managed to finish. Zoe chose to read Persuasion, the only Austin books that she can’t remember seeing on screen. Jo got stuck into War and Peace, which is an ongoing reading challenge. The book is a mammoth novel by Tolstoy, which is recommended to anyone who has the patience to stick with a book for a long time. Alice is reading Middlemarch by George Eliot, and is enjoying reading about the characters even though she’s only just beginning to remember who they all are! A problem that Jo can sympathise with in War and Peace. Becca read Scenes of Clerical life, which is also by George Eliot. This is a series of 3 short novels, all separate stories with a reverend or similar at the centre. She found the three stories interesting, and was amused at the third title ‘Janet’s Repentance’

I have almost read The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins (54 pages to go!). I have found it tricky to get into, especially when the narrator changed on the first occasion. However the mystery of the moonstone has kept my attention, and I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to read something with a bit of atmosphere.

The meeting ended with the choosing of a new book. This week it was done by a vote, and the winner was…..
Dear Life by Alice Munro

Thanks go to Alice for hosting, and the lovely Tea and cake. Congratulations go to Becca for having read her book before we met!

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