A Belle’s Night Out – WI Quiz

by Jo Morris

Two teams from the Belles (including one Ladybird!) rocked up for trivia fun at the annual Cambridge Federation Quiz Night on Friday 15 November.

Over 30 teams from throughout the Federation attended with picnics prepared and pens at the ready to start at 7.30pm sharp. Clearly new members, Emily and I arrived at 7.35pm, dashed to our seats and prepared to get started!

Thinking caps on

The quiz featured eight rounds each with 10 questions varying in difficulty, and a bonus ‘roaming’ round to be completed by the end of the half time break. Each team was provided with a double-points Joker to be played on the round where they thought they would gain the most points out of 10. We chose the ‘Big screen, small screen’ round to play our Joker and were pleased to get 7 points doubled to 14!

My team mates Kara and Emily on the Blue Belles team 2

Other rounds included Geography, History, Arts and literature, Food and drink and ‘Links’ where you had to guess the link between four people, places, names etc. This was a tough round. Who knew that the link between a puppet, a cathedral, Torquay and Sherlock Holmes was ‘Basil’?!

We also had fun on the roaming round where the answers to 25 questions related to places in the UK – even with a map and arrows indicating the areas, this was harder that it seemed. Ever heard of ‘Loch Moody’? No? That’s because it was our answer to ‘Somewhere that sounds grumpy in the middle of Scotland’!

Blue Belles team 1: Joanne, Victoria, and Laura with Ladybird, Bec

Some of the more established WI teams seemed to enjoy the competitive element to the evening and came out top on the night, but despite not winning we all had lots of fun and enjoyed getting into the spirit of things. It was also great to see Fran from the Cambridge Federation running the quiz and Sally, Federation Chairman, taking part.

Fran announcing the raffle

We’re all looking forward to attending again in 2014 and Joanne is already making plans to bring a Blue Belles tablecloth and punch bowl for next year’s picnic! 

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