Happy Birthday Blue Belles with Buzzword Bingo

This week the Blue Belles came together to celebrate their birthday at the first ever Annual Meeting – with a twist! Each Belle was assigned a Buzzword Bingo Sheet which featured words that were to feature in the official addresses to the group.

Our Treasurer divine, Fiona, stepped forward to show the Belles what was happening all things money in 2013 and members scrambled to cross of any accounting relcated buzz words on their sheets. Swiftly followed by Secretary, Laura P, with the Annual Report, which was read and members were given the chance to cunningly extract missing words from their scorecards once more. Finally, President Joanne gave her address, to the Belles asking for further buzz words in the form of questions from the audience in order to snatch up all of the fabulous prizes that awaited.

Following swiftly along, three Belles sashayed away (thank you Kelly, Alice P and Zoe!), from Committee responsibilities and three new faces stepped forward by the way of Victoria, Laura P2 and new Belle on the block, Emma. Joanne, Laura P and Fiona were all re-elected in their respective roles and hearts leaped as everyone collectively applauded what has been a HUGELY successful debut year for the Belles! Two Belles, Kara and Lucy, were commended with the title of Member Ambassadors for all of their extra devotion and support to the Belles through and through.

The Committee then unveiled the new Programme which will run until 2015 with every meeting carrying an intriguing theme.

Our new Programme in its Belle glory!

But of course, what Birthday Party is complete without presents to boot?! The Blue Belles Birthday Raffle was as spectacular as the year itself. Denman related prizes, a divine colourful scarf of the finest wool, a fabulous WI vintage Bone China Tea Set –

Original vintage WI Bone China Tea Set – a delightful birthday present!

and in keeping with the SOS the High Street Campaign, vouchers from Cambridge Indie Shops – yogi mecca, Camyoga, beaders delight, The Beaderie and all things tea and cake from Afternoon Tease.

The Belles thank all of the indies who kindly donated their wares to help celebrate our first birthday as we look forward to many happy returns!

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