Belles Body Percussion & The Khidmat Sisters

Before we gathered round to bounce along with body percussion the meeting kicked off with the Belles Book Bring & Buy and the Tea Swap (of which I am enjoying a cup of Oolong as I type – yum!) A reminder of our super world saving Belle Jennie’s offer of a stall at the Liberated Feast (Tickets & Info available here) on 4th July. A look at what new courses Denman has to offer and an invite from our wonderful sisters at CamCityWI to their coffee morning on 12th July (10am -2pm) 

We also had various updates, from Dig for Denman’s batch of broad beans to bike jersey bunting, and not forgetting, our President Jo’s interview in the Cambridge Evening News alongside CamCity’s Jo and Ladybird’s Alana.   

Next we were joined by Qamar of the Khidmat Sisters, A group set up by Muslim women to help other Muslim women, be it due to disability, aging or illness. Many women become isolated and need extra help, one heart warming example was when the founder told us the story of her mother, who as she to aged, began to revert back from speaking English to her native langue of Urdu due to dementia. She had difficulty understanding her care workers and communicating, Qamar was unable to care full time for her mother she felt something needed to be done, a network called the Khidmat Sisters was born, based on the principles of serving and helping others, they now have a very successful group helped by Cambridge County Council, additionally if the ladies in need require other services the Khidmat Sisters can put them in touch with the Care Network Cambridge. Truly inspirational women who are serving not only their community but the wider community by educating us and sharing their experiences.

After Tea & amazingly luscious cake we were all raring to  get to body percussion

with John! John has worked in many productions included the thumping popular musical Stomp!

We were treated to examples (including a routine that would have been done on a wheelie bin!) and before we knew it we were marching to the rhythm of the WI beat (with our feet…and arms…and legs!)

John moved at a fluid pace whilst trying to keep even the most rhythmically challenged Belles (myself!) included. After our first foray into Body Percussion we then were asked to move around and take part in other challenges, I really enjoyed this as I got the opportunity to talk to (& move with) Belles I hadn’t had chance to yet! We then finished up with a series of vocal/beat ’rounds’ ending in fantastical vocal crescendo.

Much fun was had by all! Can’t wait for 9th July.
– Laura P²

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