Its a (Blue Belle) WI Life!

We Blue Belles are over the glowing harvest moons to be featured amongst the many pages of the latest WI Life Magazine!

First to hit the doormats of all WI Members, is an article regarding the Care Not Custody reception recently attended by Belles comms guru, Laura P2, President Joanne and member deluxe, Deborah! Check out the photo of us on page 18 standing alongside NFWI Board of Trustees and our Home Secretary, Theresa May MP herself! Be sure to scroll down to read Laura P2’s fabulous write up about the night and its relevance to the current essential work the government, mental health care sector and police are doing in tandem to help society’s most vulnerable people to get the adequate help they need.
Laura P2 and Joanne at the NFWI Care Not Custody Reception as featured on Pg 18 of WI Life

Next on to page 23 where President, Joanne Croxford tells all about how the WI is helping her to recover from her struggle with the mental health problems she’s encountered as a result of addiction by making her feel a part of something bigger and better – one member at a time!
Joanne’s account is brave, open and hopes to inspire others to be the same with regards to mental health issues
Flip over to page 31 and see the smiling faces of the Tea and Tents crew who helped to organise this year’s debut event – 270 WI members in a field in Derbyshire! The atmosphere was ELECTRIC and Blue Belles President Joanne, shared her story as above with fellow campers as a part of the Speaker’s Corner there – make sure you sign up to the official Tea and Tents website and come along next year – its going to be a BLAST!
Tea and Tents revelers including Joanne sharing her story at Speaker’s Corner
Last and certainly NOT least, turn over to page 45 to read all about Events Secretary, Jennie, feature in an article about her Liberated Feast – a three course vegan banquet compiled of food that would have otherwise seen the bin. The next event is on 16th November, and Jennie would LOVE to welcome you along to take plate for food, a raffle bonanza and speakers who will share their expertise on food waste. 
Jennie Debenham is the brainchild behind the Liberated Feast
Page 46 features quotes from other Belles including the lovely Alice championing her green ways by cycling to and from work daily (12 miles round trip!), secretary Laura P gets wax lyrical about parsnips, Belle Jane claims her new found love for vegan food and Belle Kathy explains why she felt the necessity to bring her daughter along to such a thought provoking gathering – to show ‘anything was possible if you put your mind to it!’.
Be sure to visit Eventbrite to snag a ticket to the Liberated Feast on 16th November at St. Paul’s Church Hall in Cambridge.
Well done Belles, we couldn’t be more proud!

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