Organ-ising Time to Talk and Branching out into Plant Science!

Well what an educational meeting November was! I felt I learnt so much from both of our wonderful speakers.

We started by hearing good news from our fellow Belles, the Dig for Denman produce & jam/dessert sauce for sale (on ice cream it is luuusssh)

We had a report from Denman, by our Vice President Victoria – and let it be known that the exotic shortbread biscuits were VERY well appreciated in Social Time 😀

We discussed our Christmas meeting of ‘Bring your Traditions’, I personally can’t wait to see what everyone else gets up to.

Our craft pledge to support the S Wards at Addebrooke’s is underway, an update on that soon.

Our first speaker was Stephen Bond, Renal Transplant Coordinator at Addenbrookes, We invited him over to discuss Organ donation in relation to our National WI Time to Talk campaign (#TimetoTalk). We found out some very interesting facts (such as even if you cannot donate blood you can still donate organs) and Stephen was brilliant at answering our questions and leading an open discussion on how to inform our families, ways to do it and opened a very interesting discussion.

More Info regarding both National’s input and FAQ’s on Organ donation can be found HERE and HERE.

Our Second Speaker Dr Siobhan Braybrook- from Sainsbury Laboratory, colleague at of fellow Belle, Laura B (she’s a scientist don’t ya know) came to talk to us about Plant Developmental Sciences. She started by giving us an insight in how she got into Science showing us the places science had taken her and all the places that people she worked with were from, showing us that science even in a small part of Cambridge is part of a massive global network, Women and Men alike. She then went on to demonstrate how plants look, react to their environment, why this is important and how we have helped nature a long a bit.

A very amusing and informative talk, and not intimidatingly over academic for us in the group who aren’t familiar with Plant Biology past O Level/GCSE 😉 I will never forget that a Sunflower isn’t actually a singular flower, it’s a collective! (Quiz winning answer for sure! – *hint hint Stapleford WI ;-)*)
Last and by no means least our Pres Joanne put down Purple Poppies for Remembrance Day. For those animals who had no choice. Knitted by her own (& freshly tattooed ;-P ) fair self.

(By the way – Let me know when yew guys will be sycamore puns because I’d hate for them to be unpoplar – LP 2.0)

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