Daisy Change WI – Establishing a Pioneering Place for Inspiring Women in Recovery

Following on from an inspirational talk by Ruth Bond, OBE, who as former NFWI Chairman had been instrumental in the setting up of the prison based WI (as a result of the WI’s Care Not Custody Campaign, our President, Joanne, took the idea of replicating the model for the pioneering prison WI to the Chairman of the Mental Health Trust where she was working. As a woman who very openly lives with an enduring mental health issue, Joanne understands first hand the positive impact that the WI can have on any woman’s recovery journey.

The result? The founding of the country’s first WI to meet on the grounds of a Mental Health Trust that has a membership which is compiled of both service user and women from other WIs/in the community. Daisy Change WI held their first meeting at the Chitra Sethia in July 2014 and its members have described it as a phenomenon that is growing from strength to strength! Daisy Change welcome visitors from all surrounding WIs in hopes that when its members leave services they seek out their local WI and feel the connection that they have made with Daisy Change and the WI in its entirety!

Visit Daisy Change’s blog here and go along to a meeting to experience history in the making!

Daisy Change WI – Inspiring Women!

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