May meeting – Shiny rocks, rocking the resolutions, and resolved new Belles!

May meeting – Shiny rocks, and rocking the resolutions!

We had a super interesting meeting in May. The first half was taken up by Jason Middleton, who talked to us about gemstones, their features, uses, as well as the countries where you can find each different type and ways in which they are mined. He brought samples of many different kinds (sadly no diamonds!) so we could see for ourselves what he was talking about. It was very informative and it peaked our interest to find out more!

This month’s refreshments deserve a special mention. Not only did we have delicious cupcakes, mini-poundcakes, and sponge fingers (fingerellas?) – we also tried out having fresh fruit for those with any dietary concerns / trying to eat healthier. It went down very well, so we’ll try to make it a regular feature!

The second half of the meeting was all about the 2016 resolutions. We introduced the idea of resolutions for our visitors and Belles attending their first meeting; we also brushed up on the rules of how to vote and what happens with our vote at the AGM. Members Aoife and Yvonne introduced a resolution each, and explained their views about the wording and the content. This helped us get a quick short discussion started around each topic and then we voted.

Collectively, we decided not to support either one of the resolutions while also giving our representative discretion to change her vote at AGM if any amendments were introduced. We think it is important to say that our lack of support is not because we do not care about the topics or because we don’t think they are important. It was mostly the wording what stopped us from voting in favour.

In the case of the Avoid food waste, address food poverty resolution the general feeling was that the wording is not strong enough and that it should be about the whole food production, supply, and retail chains rather than just the supermarkets. We will try to find ways of avoiding food waste and reducing food poverty in our community through means other than the resolution.

Something similar happened with the Appropriate care in hospitals for people with dementia resolution. In spite of discussing it in groups and having a personal testimonial, we couldn’t quite see how the resolution could be implemented or what it was seeking to achieve. We will strive to support those in our community that are struggling with dementia and other conditions as best we can, independently of the results of the vote at the NFWI Annual Meeting.

Jason, our main speaker, remarked on how lively our group is – he is right, of course! The May meeting saw one of the highest attendance records both for members and guests. We were delighted to have friends of Belles visit us, as well as WI members that have moved to our city and WI rookies visiting a meeting for the first time. Five fabulous women signed up to join us after the meeting, which means we are now almost full. A handful of spaces remain – get in touch by email ( if you, or somebody your know, are interested in becoming a Blue Belle.

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