August meeting – Through the lens

Hello, hello, hello!

After a brief summery break, the blog is back! Blue Belles didn’t have a meeting in July, instead there was a party – cocktail making, canapes, party dresses, and lots of laughs!

For the August meeting we asked Lina Orsino-Allen, from photographic dynamic duo Lina & Tom, to come and talk to us about how to take better photos in every day life. The Committee was expecting a fairly quiet meeting, with everyone being on holiday and all that, but it turned out to be one of our best attended meetings this year! This was due in part to have lots of visitors and first timers; we were very happy to have a full room for the talk.

As usual, the meeting started with a big welcome and our now traditional Good News Round. This months we had lots of good news around loved ones’ health and things got a bit emotional, but we recovered quickly and moved on to our speaker.

Lina Orsino-Allen and her husband Tom are professional photographers, mainly specialising in wedding photography.  Lina explained her background, their path into photography and the Belles were treated to a premier of a video which will appear on the website showcasing their best photographs. There were lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ and giggles too as Lina and Tom really seem to be able to capture the fun element of each wedding.  Lina then talked through some techniques which everyone could try to do improve their photography.  She said the number one rule was not to pose (selfies being an obvious exception!). She also talked about moving position, either lower, or higher or to change the background.  Lina talked about ‘the rule of thirds’ – which is how a photograph can be divided into thirds and then the focal point would be in 1/3 of the photograph, either horizontally or vertically.  She showed us some photographs when this technique was very effective.  Overall, it was an interesting session and Lina’s light-hearted talk was well received by the Belles and we are sure many will be putting her ideas into action for their holiday snaps.

After enjoying a range of cake and fruit supplied by our cake fairies, we moved on to the ‘Business’ section of the meeting, and Lucy (our President) called on members to think of a new name for this part of the meeting to make it sound less formal and boring. Then Katie gave a quick round up of the weekend of Tea and Tents informing everyone what a great time was had by all. A flurry of announcements followed: a Cambridge Collective weekend away in January, Book Club update from new book club attendees Melissa and Rachel, Games Night reminder, and a lovely invitation to join CamCity’s Craft Clubs from visitor Mel.

Our Theatre Club us slowly getting started, secreatry Alice briefly announced that there would be a couple of theatre trips going ahead: Canada to Cambridge, organised by CFWI, as well as a trip to see Pride and Prejudice at Cambridge Corn Exchange in October.

An important part of the meeting followed. Laura Pryke and Joanne kicked off our Allotment Appeal explaining how the allotment works and what the Dig for Denman initiative is about. Laura and Joanne explained that the allotment has grown a lot and more hands are needed to keep it in shape and to make the most out of its benefits. They suggested that the allotment be turned into a CamCo allotment in order to help spread the load of the plot of land. This was followed by a financial update and the announcement that Belles will be invited to give their thoughts and opinions on both the allotment and the financial statement through the next newsletter.

Finally, Lucy announced that from September we will meet from 7.45pm to 9.45pm, and asked that everyone tried to be on time and to volunteer to help with the set up and clearing of the hall.

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