A Belle’s Day Out – Denman Roadshow

by Holly Myles

On a rather dull Saturday morning, Blue Belles President, Joanne, and myself ventured into the unknown that is Landbeach! Ok, it is only 10 minutes outside of Cambridge, but still it was the unknown to us.  We were on our way to the Denman Roadshow, a taster day of all that Denman has to offer!
Denman – the WI’s very own College!
As members of one of the newer WI’s that’s recently sprouted in Cambridge, we thought we may be amongst no familiar faces, but we received a very warm welcome from everyone who we met.  The day consisted of a talk in the morning from Jan Chessum, Cambridge’s Denman Rep, with lots of photos of the grounds, bedrooms and ‘classrooms’. Denman’s Principal, Jane Dixon, took us on a virtual tour in a rather detailed powerpoint and a brief history of Denman was delivered from Denman Chairman, Anne Harrison. Anne also explained to us how things are evolving to keep up with the times, and the members. All very civilised – then the dancing began, Bollywood dancing for the over 50s was so much fun although I’m glad I was in front of Joanne at this point because all I could hear was her giggling away and commenting on my waterfall hands.
We had a very WI lunch, lots of finger sandwiches, tea and of course cake.
After lunch there was more dancing, a full routine this time. Some stood and some sat but everyone joined in.  The last activity of the day was singing. Well, as you can guess my voice does not translate well into song, so I was not looking forward to this. However it wasn’t as bad I feared and Joanne and I belted out several tunes trying to blend with everyone else at the same time.  All the teachers and staff there were very good and really showed the essence of Denman.  The whole day made me want to go to Denman even more.
Words above by of Blue Belle Blogger – Holly Myles – check out her Etsy site here!

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