A Belle’s Weekend Out – Denman New Wave Weekend Pt. 2

by Laura Brown

Joanne contacted me about two weeks before the New Wave Weekend to say that one of the Belles could no longer make it, so I was offered the opportunity to take up the subsidised place. I didn’t really know what to expect from the weekend, but went along with an open mind and prepared to have fun.

The courses I took during the weekend were Making a Fascinator (see my fascinator below!), Festive Cupcake Decorating and Pick and Mix Dancing . These weren’t the courses that I would have chosen myself, but I really enjoyed them all. I was especially nervous about the dance class, which I discovered only had four people in it, so no chance to hide at the back! However, the instructor, Elaine Bywater (of Bizzy Bodiez Health & Fitness) was really enthusiastic and the emphasis was on having fun rather than getting the moves exactly right.

Laura Brown’s delightful Denman fascinator!

The cupcake course was good fun, and I learnt some great new cake decorating skills which I hope to test out further over the festive season. I also have a lovely homemade fascinator, now I just need to be invited to a wedding to get an opportunity to wear it (and buy a dress to match the fascinator).

The Saturday night entertainment was ‘interesting’, I would have preferred the live singer to have worn a few more clothes and for the volume on the music to be a little bit lower, but perhaps I’m just getting old?!

I really enjoyed the weekend, it was lovely to spend time with the other Belles, discussing the different courses we all attended over meal times and having the opportunity to talk to people from other WIs. Being someone who would not have been able to attend Denman due to the cost, I’m now definitely a strong supporter of our Dig for Denman campaign so that all Belles can expand their skills at the wonderful Denman college.

Alex Elbro & Laura Brown frolic in fascinator fun!

Words above by Blue Belle blogger, Laura Brown

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